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Friuli, Italy

The Visintini winery has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, specifically to the year 1290. It's nestled in the hills to the south of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC area, bordering both the DOC Collio region and the provinces of Udine and Gorizia.

The family's story began in 1884 when great-grandfather Domenico Visintini acquired Gramogliano Castle, a grand feudal structure. Over the years, the castle saw various transitions:

In 1915, ownership passed to Domenico's son, Umberto, who started agricultural activities. In 1973, Umberto handed over the reins to his son Andrea, who continued both farming and viticulture. In 1988, Oliviero, Andrea's son, joined the business, focusing on wine production and injecting new vitality into the winemaking tradition. In 2002, the company passed into the capable hands of Oliviero, Cinzia, and Palmira, the children of the previous generation, who are dedicated to carrying on the family's legacy.

The winery is situated in the picturesque landscape of Corno di Rosazzo, characterized by its enchanting medieval building, which was beautifully restored after the 1976 earthquake. The company operates on approximately 32 hectares, predominantly in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC area.

What truly sets the Visintini winery apart is its status as an entirely family-run business, where the passion for organic winemaking is deeply ingrained in their heritage and values.

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