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Sesta di Spora
Tuscany, Italy

Sesta di Sopra is a 44-hectare estate situated just south of Montalcino, approximately 4 kilometers from Castelnuovo dell'Abate. Acquired in 1980, this estate has a rich history that has been meticulously restored. The farmhouse, which likely served as an ancient watchtower, was among the first structures to be rejuvenated. This process uncovered two hectares of olive groves, and subsequently, the estate saw the planting of its initial vineyard, followed by a second, resulting in a total vineyard area of 2.8 hectares.

The estate benefits from an advantageous location, boasting ideal soil composition and a favorable microclimate. Meticulous family management places significant emphasis on modern viticultural techniques, particularly in the planting of vineyards. The vineyards, planted in the early 1990s with selected Sangiovese Grosso clones, are meticulously trained using the spurred cordon system on medium-textured, somewhat calcareous soils. These conditions limit vine vigor, resulting in low production yields and exceptional grape quality.

In total, the company possesses approximately 4 hectares of vineyards. The oldest of these vineyards, responsible for the production of their renowned Brunello, is 29 years old, while the remaining vineyards have an average age of 10 years. The cellar, though small, is thoughtfully designed and functional. It is equipped with 30-hectoliter Slavonian oak casks, French oak barriques, and steel barrels. In this intimate setting, vinification begins with a pre-fermentative maceration at low temperatures, followed by a prolonged maceration on the grape skins, adhering to tradition while carefully controlling fermentation temperatures.

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