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Abruzzo, Italy

Terraviva is located in the stunning and unspoiled hills of Tortoreto, in the province of Teramo. This idyllic setting provides the perfect environment for crafting wines that truly reflect the character of the region - strong and resilient, much like the land from which they hail - and are inspired by the nearby Adriatic sea and winds. The land benefits from excellent exposure to the sun, and the fresh air is ideal for viticulture. At Terraviva, the grapes are treated with great care and respect in the cellar. They are not disturbed or humiliated, which has proven to be a successful approach and has led to the estate's name: the land that lives. By treating the land wisely and with reverence, unique and exceptional products are produced. The grapes are hand-harvested without breaking the clusters, and no chemical or herbicide treatments are used. No additives, sugar, or enzymes are added, and fermentation occurs naturally, with only the addition of natural vineyard yeasts. The soil, grapes, and wine undergo minimal processing, and no chemical preservatives or alterations are introduced by humans.

With a deep understanding and respect for the land and the work, the resulting wine is unpredictable and remarkable.

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