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Fattoria Montepescini
Tuscany, Italy

The Montepescini Farm is located in the area known as "Castelvecchio" which dates back to the year 1000, in the oldest part of the medieval village of Montepescini. The area has been the home of agriculture for centuries. Grandfather Armidio came to Montepescini in 1950 as a sharecropper. In 1956 he bought the land and became a farmer. He used the wine produced for himself and sold it in bulk to the neighbors. Massimiliano Governi, the third generation, joined the company in 2000 and began the bottling and marketing of wine, olive oil production and cattle breeding. The estate is located in an uncontaminated environment, away from all forms of pollution. It benefits from the advantages of a particular microclimate due to the hill air and the proximity of the sea.

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