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Rioja, Spain

Luis Ruiz de Viñaspre and Eva Fernández, the duo behind Maisulan operate a 28-hectare (70-acre) farm in the mountainous region near El Villar, a small medieval town with a population of 370. Their vineyards have been in their respective families for four generations, and they strive to produce wines that reflect the unique qualities of their homeland, starting with the vineyards they know so well. Eva and Luis hold a deep reverence for their family vineyards and follow biodynamic farming practices to cultivate them in an environmentally conscious manner. They use organic products and techniques such as using crushed vine shoots as mulch and planting wildflowers to attract pollinators, while refraining from using any chemicals, including pesticides, fertilizers, and additives. All the vineyards are dry farmed, and the grapes are harvested by hand in a biodynamic manner. In the winery, the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts and are minimally fined or filtered with low sulfites. The word "Maisulan," which means "good hard work" in Basque, encapsulates Luis and Eva's daily efforts to maintain a way of farming that was once common but is now rare. They meticulously tend to every aspect of their vineyard, from each varietal to every vine, to showcase their unique characteristics.

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