Manzanos Wines

Manzanos gives its name to the group of wineries that best represent the identity of the family Fernández de Manzanos. They are engaged in the elaboration of wines in the appellations of Rioja and Navarra since 1890. In these wineries, the young team of the fifth generation of the family elaborate the quality wines that are acclaimed worldwide. Its quality is determined by its origin: their own vineyards.

Their area of vineyards in different locations of the appellations give them the power of playing with terroir nuances. In their wineries the exquisite elaboration process is demonstrated. In Rioja they own the emblematic and oldest winery of the appellation in Haro using gravity as the principle of architecture for elaboration. They also own the oldest winery in the appellation of Navarra. Eight years of sustained growth support these young people who win the respect and reputation of their wines day after day.

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