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Domaine Gilles Paris
Beaujolais, France

Gilles Paris hails from Quincié-en-Beaujolais, a village with a long tradition of vine cultivation in his family. In 1990, he relocated to Chiroubles and began working on his family-in-law's vines for the local cooperative winery. In 2005, he took the leap to establish his own vineyard and produced his inaugural cuvée.

Currently, he cultivates and produces wine from 4 hectares of Chiroubles, 2 hectares of Fleurie, and 2 hectares of Morgon, with a focus on expressing the terroir of each wine. The vineyards are tended to without the use of any chemical products, relying entirely on manual labor or tractors when necessary. The wines undergo carbonic maceration and fermentation takes place with natural yeast and without the addition of sulphites. The vineyard is in the process of conversion and is anticipated to receive organic certification sometime this year.

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