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Massimo Rivetti
Piedmont, Italy

Massimo Rivetti Family Farm with its 25 hectares, cultivated under the organic certification, grows both traditional and international grapes. The annual production is around 100,000 bottles, mainly divided between Barbaresco and Barbera d’Alba. All the fields are grouped around three farm houses: Froi, Garassino and Palazzina. Inside the first one, situated into the village of Neive, there is the winery which is built on Serraboella hill, one of the most important for the production of Barbaresco. Vineyards from 35 to 75 years old with limited yield per hectare to maximize the grape quality, the terroir and production area. Herb mowing is hand done to avoid any herbicide, sowing of 20+ different variety of herbs that help plants avoiding stress and acting as natural fertilizer in addition to “humus”. Natural starter using only yeasts that are naturally present on the skins of the berries, in order to obtain not standard wines, but products that really reflect the territory and production area.

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