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Il Monte Caro

Growing grapes organically in a biodiverse environment preserves their purest essence, elevating the quality of the wine they produce.

Monte Caro is a family-owned farm that was established by Enzo Marcolini in 1986. Enzo's journey began when he discovered the beauty of Mount Caro, instantly falling in love with the place. This newfound passion led him to embark on a new life and agricultural adventure. Over the years, Enzo's initial dream has flourished, thanks to the involvement of his two sons. Together, they have expanded their agricultural endeavors, focusing on the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees. They've also initiated new projects, including beehives, vegetable gardens, and the cultivation of spontaneous herbs.

Their primary objective is to enhance the biodiversity of Mount Caro, and this pursuit is an ever-evolving process that keeps the farm alive and dynamic. Each vintage they produce tells the story of their land, showcasing a deep respect for nature. They achieve this by exclusively using the finest organic grapes and refraining from the use of any winemaking additives.

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