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Weingut Julius
Rheinhessen, Germany

In the transformation from a natural product to a cultural gem, the story of Julius Wines unfolds. These wines, often declared as "demanding the next sip," embody a legacy of hard work and determination that spans generations. The journey began when Georg Julius took the reins of a farm purchased by his grandfather in 1926 and evolved it into a thriving winery with 19 hectares of organically cultivated vineyards.

Initially, the wines were crafted for personal consumption, but it wasn't until after the war that they could be shared with the world. Even in those early days, wine connoisseurs from across the globe flocked to obtain Julius wines for their exceptional quality, known for being headache-free. This devotion to producing fine wines, passed down through generations, turned Georg Julius's vocation into a heartfelt calling, driven by a deep passion to create wines that bring joy day after day.

Nestled amidst the undulating sea of vineyards in southern Rhine-Hesse, the Julius winery finds its home in the quaint village of Gundheim. The historic edifices encompass an enchanting courtyard where Georg and Christine Julius reside, laboring in harmony with the land and the art of winemaking. It is their unwavering commitment to ecological principles that guides the cultivation of these exceptional wines. The journey demands profound knowledge, versatile skills, and innate talent, but above all, an ardent love for the vineyards, the vines, the grapes, and the wine itself.

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